She who must not be named! (orcainthemist) wrote in adoptable_pets,
She who must not be named!

Spirit...the amazing doggie!

Hi, my name is Spirit and I am a 10 month to 1 year old neutered male Siberian Husky (as near as the vet can tell).

My foster Mom found me in her front yard with a broken leg. I was hit by a car and the people just kept going.

The vet says it looks like my previous owners "cropped" my ears with scissors. My tail is cropped too. I don't understand why people do what they do. Foster Mom calls me Spirit because despite what I've been through at such a young age, it didn't break my spirit.

I love everyone! When people come to visit my foster Mom, I give them kisses and roll over on my back to get my tummy rubbed.

I get along with both male and female dogs of all sizes (I have lots of Yorkie friends). And I'm housebroken.

I'm supposed to stay inactive for 22 days while my leg heals. But I really love attention and socializing with other pets and people.

I am gentle, sweet, and good with other dogs. And I'm looking for a "forever" home where I can be loved and be a member of the family. The vet says I am full-grown, but I do need to gain a few pounds. I weigh about 42 pound right now.

Just as dogs don't judge you on your looks, please don't hold my cropped ears and tail against me. It wasn't something I had a choice about. Foster Mom says I'm a great dog and some wonderful family is going to proud to have me.

For information on adopting me, send email to my Foster Mom at
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what a cutie! did the cropping do anything other than aesthetic damage to his ears? he really is beautiful.

so are you planning just to advertise for the Dallas area, or will you be spreading out? oh, and it might be a good idea to add "rabbits" and "bunnies" to the interests list, what with the Easter season coming up . . . :-/
yeah that could work...we could spread out all over the world....hmm...yeah that sounds good...there are so many homeless dogs out there!!!
he is beautiful.....

do you have photoshop and what not? can you promote this place.... let me know what you can do and i might make you a moderator!
unfortunately, i don't have photoshop, or, more importantly, much in the way of spare time right now. have you tried advertising the community on any other animal rescue communities yet? i've got a couple in my communities list that might be willing to let you advertise this one there.