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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
4:39 pm
Animal rescue in need of help ASAP

Please help our cause. I recently lost my job and the rescue needs some financial help to continue feeding and caring for the animals. We need bales of hay and bags of feed for the goats. Lots of food for the feral cats. Two geriatric indoor kitties need expensive prescription formula food for renal failure. One cat needs dental work as she is not eating. One goat also needs to see a vet. If you can donate, even if it is just a dollar, please click the banner. THANK YOU

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
12:49 pm
Me, my family and my friends have been taking in and caring for stray animals since I was young.
Our local spca (animal shelter) Doesn't take good of the animals, and there's always a high risk that they would have to put the animals down. My whole family are animal lovers and my dad came up with the idea of opening a no kill shelter because there isn't any around here.

We've been developing this idea and we really want to do this, were all very committed. My dad found a small building in town that is a perfect size and a pretty decent price. Also my cousin who just recently opened a veterinary clinic in town has offered to give the animals care for cheaper prices.

We still need money for food, blankets, vaccinations and neutering etc... just until we get started up.

Were also trying to fund raise in town but haven't gotten to far. If anyone has any ideas or can donate a dollar or 2 it would be really appreciated.

Thank you for reading this.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
4:33 pm

I found two dogs yesterday. One of them seems like he would fit your needs
perfectly. He seems to love children and he likes the other dog I found him
with at least. They've been playing together non-stop. Also, when I picked
him up yesterday I tried to keep him in the back of my SUV. He jumped over
the seat into the row where my twin daughters were sitting in their car
seats, and put his head in one of their laps!

He's a black & white terrier mix (picture attached- excuse the mud). Medium
sized. He has a super personality! Please consider him. I don't want to
take him to a shelter and I can't keep him because my Golden Retriever does
not like other male dogs.

I don't know this dog's age. He is not a puppy and he is not old.

I live in Anna but I'm willing to drive the dog to your place if you'd like
to meet him! I'll even give him a bath first!
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
12:11 pm
Spirit...the amazing doggie!

Hi, my name is Spirit and I am a 10 month to 1 year old neutered male Siberian Husky (as near as the vet can tell).

My foster Mom found me in her front yard with a broken leg. I was hit by a car and the people just kept going.

The vet says it looks like my previous owners "cropped" my ears with scissors. My tail is cropped too. I don't understand why people do what they do. Foster Mom calls me Spirit because despite what I've been through at such a young age, it didn't break my spirit.

I love everyone! When people come to visit my foster Mom, I give them kisses and roll over on my back to get my tummy rubbed.

I get along with both male and female dogs of all sizes (I have lots of Yorkie friends). And I'm housebroken.

I'm supposed to stay inactive for 22 days while my leg heals. But I really love attention and socializing with other pets and people.

I am gentle, sweet, and good with other dogs. And I'm looking for a "forever" home where I can be loved and be a member of the family. The vet says I am full-grown, but I do need to gain a few pounds. I weigh about 42 pound right now.

Just as dogs don't judge you on your looks, please don't hold my cropped ears and tail against me. It wasn't something I had a choice about. Foster Mom says I'm a great dog and some wonderful family is going to proud to have me.

For information on adopting me, send email to my Foster Mom at carlyscastle@unitedyorkierescue.org
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